There are a variety of incentives available to California homeowners and businesses that lower the cost of energy efficiency upgrades and solar energy installations. These programs significantly boost the return on investment of many projects by lowering the total cost of energy-saving upgrades.


The U.S. government offers a federal tax credit for qualified energy-saving home improvement projects completed through the end of 2020 on a primary residence.

To receive the federal tax credit, the solar system must be purchased by the homeowner or business. For those who don’t have the federal tax credit appetite, we recommend a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). Qualified solar project expenses include site preparation, labor, solar panel costs, and other solar equipment costs. This excellent opportunity significantly reduces the total cost of purchasing a solar system.

Federal tax credits result in a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the cost of a energy-saving installation. If, for example, you install a $30,000 solar system, the tax credit would reduce the net cost of the system by an estimated $10,000. When working through financing programs such as CaliforniaFIRST or HERO, you can re-amortize your savings into your payment plan and often be cash-positive year one.

A-Z Vision Remodeling solar consultants are not CPAs — we encourage you to check first with your trusted tax advisor before investing in solar to predetermine which program most benefits your bottom line. Whether it’s a lease or a buy, we will do our best to guide you toward the right decision for your home or business.


Many utility companies offer rebates for electrical, gas, and water saving home improvements when you upgrade to energy efficient solar hot water home systems, artificial grass, heating and cooling systems, COOL roofing, insulation, double or triple pane windows and doors, and more.

When equipment needs to be replaced, ENERGY STAR® certified products are typically required to qualify for rebates. In fact, utility rebates often cover the additional cost of upgrading to more efficient equipment, making energy-saving equipment a wise investment.

Since local utility rebates change and vary by utility company, contact us today to learn about which rebates you can enjoy now. A-Z Vision Remodeling can help you secure a rebate for your next green energy project and will ensure the process is easy and rewarding.

Want to discover how much you can lower your green home improvement project costs? Contact us today to learn more about local utility rebate programs and federal tax credits.


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