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Solar leases have become extremely popular in the last decade, especially in Southern California. Leasing allows you to enjoy a solar system installed on your home for as little as no money down. SunPower leases offer an attractive, hassle-free way to lock in low electricity rates. A-Z Vision Remodeling expert NABCEP-certified solar consultants are trained to perfectly design and install the system that meets your electricity and budgetary needs.


Many Southern California homeowners are unable to pay the upfront cost of installing a solar system. SunPower–considered the top Tier 1 panel on the market today–makes solar energy obtainable through their cost-effective solar system lease. As a licensed C-46 solar contractor, A-Z Vision Remodeling brings years of experience to every solar system installation, so you can rest assured that your solar system will be designed and installed properly with high-efficiency, low-degrading, aesthetically pleasing, and technologically advanced SunPower solar panels and products.

Most Southern California SunPower leaseholders begin saving on their electricity bills right away because the lease payments are lower than the utility savings from the solar system. As the cost of power goes up over time, your SunPower solar energy savings will grow, too.

A solar lease offers you immediate gratification and will often save you between 30% and 50% of your bills starting today for the course of 20 years. Our production guarantee ensures your low cost per kilowatt hour with lease options of 2% to 0% escalation every year and an option to prepay the lease. On top of that, you’ll receive a 20 year warranty on all parts, free monitoring, and bumper-to-bumper production guarantee from SunPower. All you need is a credit score above 680 and at least a $100/month current electrical bill and we can start your immediate savings today.

Why Choose a Solar Lease?

If your finances don’t present an appetite for a federal tax credit or tax write-off, a solar lease is often the way to go. You’ll never need to worry about system production or monitoring, and the lease is tied to the property — not you — so you can easily transfer it to the next owner who will appreciate the highly efficient panels and low rate that you discovered through A-Z Vision Remodeling.


SunPower’s solar systems are the most advanced solar systems in the world, boasting their patented Maxeon® cell technology that significantly reduces shading from trees or fallen debris. Their revolutionary design claims the lowest degradation rate in the industry and offers the best cost per kilowatt hour AC. With the SunPower lease program, A-Z Vision Remodeling solar experts handle your entire solar installation from start to finish, using Tier-1 SunPower solar panels and solar equipment.


Solar lease payments are made directly to SunPower, according to the terms of your agreement. Your home will either use all the power the solar PV system generates or the power grid will exchange your extra power with a credit that will appear on your electric bill.

Because there are no moving parts in solar, maintaining your SunPower panels is as easy as hosing it off with water occasionally; however, SunPower takes responsibility if any maintenance issues arise and pays for all repair and maintenance expenses for the solar system. In fact, system performance is guaranteed for 25 years — 5 more years than conventional leases. All SunPower leased solar system come with a solar monitoring system, so you know how much energy your system is producing. If you decide to move homes during your lease agreement, the solar lease can be transferred to a new owner through a simple process.

Want a Tier-1 SunPower solar system for no money down? Contact us today and receive a no-cost SunPower solar lease consultation.


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