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Choosing the Right Material for your Valencia Patio Cover Installation

In Valencia, there can be waves of heat in the triple-digits. One way to stay cool is by installing a patio cover to give you some much-needed shade. Choosing the material for your patio cover is an essential part of the project. You will want to pick a material that is strong enough to withstand the elements, but that also fits within your budget.

Why Wood Makes Sense for a Patio Cover

Wood offers timeless beauty and is available in all sizes, types, and textures to allow you maximum leeway in creating a stylish addition to your home. The downside of wood is that it demands regular upkeep, including sanding a repainting at regular intervals. Wood patios can also be prone to warping and rotting over time.

Vinyl as an Alternative for Your Patio Cover

A high-end vinyl patio cover is more durable than wood and less likely to rot or warp over time. The downside is that vinyl simply does not match the natural beauty of wood, and, if you decide to go cheap, you may get something much less visually appealing. Vinyl also comes in limited colors and can’t be painted, so you’re essentially stuck with the color you choose.

Aluminum Is a Patio Cover Option

Aluminum is more durable than the other choices and is relatively inexpensive. With aluminum, warping, cracking, or rotting problems are non-existent. The trade-off is that aluminum can be a high conductor of heat, meaning you could notice a significantly warmer temperature underneath the cover once it’s installed.

Let’s Talk About Your Patio Cover Project

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