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When You Should Undertake Concrete Repairs in your Fillmore Home

Sooner or later, all concrete cracks. It’s just the nature of the material. The matter is deciding when it’s time to call in a contractor to repair the concrete cracks in your Fillmore home. 

Many cracks are little more than hairlines, which can result from soil settling, poorly impacted soil, or water issues. At times, you can do a minor, albeit temporal, patch. However, sometimes, putting a band-aid on a problem requiring more significant repairs can only compound an issue.  If you see buckling, heaving, sinking, or a tripping hazard starting to develop, it might be time to consult with a contractor about fixing the problem.

Water Damage Requires the Right Kind of Concrete Repair

Water can have a devastating impact on concrete over the long term. When water gets into a small crack, it can start to undermine the integrity of the concrete in a significant way. Because concrete is porous, when water is combined with extreme temperature changes, it can create a scaling effect where small flakes may break off. In severe cases, water can even lead to the destruction of concrete.

Depending on the nature of the damage, a surface repair might be all that is required. However, there are cases where the concrete will need to be removed entirely and replaced.

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